The Engineers

Making stuff sound good.


Mikey letourneau - soundtrack

Mikeeeey!!! Mikey is by far the sound engineer I've worked most closely with. He's a super talented engineer which stems from his abilities as a musician. He has a firm understanding of sound, notes, melodies, cadence, rhythm, flow, humor, timing and especially sushi.

Check out Mikey's ear for sound here.


dylan schwartz - rumblestrip

Dylan's just a cool cat who just happens to also own a cat and then also happens to have a picture of that cat tattooed on his arm. A great engineer and collector of WWF action figures. May the Schwartz be with Dylan always.

Check him out here.

tom love.jpeg

tom love - rumblestrip

Give it up for the one, the only, Mr. Tom Love. If you've recording in Boston, you've recorded with Tom. He's a great guy all around and a master at not only sound but at working with talent as well. Let's hope we never see the day where his pile of scripts reaches the ceiling and he inevitably retires.

Feel Tom's love here.

mike secher.jpeg

mike secher - soundtrack

Mike is great to work with. And that is exactly what you feel he does, work with you. It's super easy and useful to bounce ideas off him and collaborate together to make the best final product possible. And if you ever last-minute VO talent, Mike's got the chops.

Search for Secher here.