The Directors

The ones with the guts to run the whole show.


Peter darley Miller - radical

They say you always remember you're first. Well I'll never forget Mr. PDM. He was firm, yet loving and made sure he announced to the entire set that I was a newb. Love you Peter!

Check out some of his work:



What can I say? Erich a real pro and a super nice guy. Plus he's an avid vintage race car driver in his spare time, which in my book makes him one of the coolest people on earth.

Check out Erich here.



Geordie's a pretty cool guy. The man has ridden motorcycles across some of the most inhospitable places on earth. I think I even overhead him say he wanted to take on the Isle of Man TT. So either he's one of the bravest or one of the craziest guys I've ever met. Either way, great director.

Geordie lives here.


mike andrews - sanctuary

Mike's a very driven, focused director. Great with comedy and in general just telling a good story.

Visit Mike in his sanctuary.

nate Laver - redtree

Nate. I love Nate. What a great guy to work with. Super chill and very collaborative. Plus he's got skills as an editor as well. If he's not behind a camera he's behind his iPhone making the everyday seem cinematic.

See Nate here.